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MedTech Radio - Featuring Daniel Fortune as Host, & Sam Wise, MD ''Ask Dr. Wise" as Co-Host

MedTech Radio

COMING SOON!!! A 30 Minute program dedicated to preventing 'HealthScare' and providing 'Healthcare' and rehabilitative medicine. The program features Daniel Fortune as Host, Sam Wise, MD as co-host, and other luminaries in the field of medicine discussing technological innovations in the medical arena.

Dr. Wise is the only fellowship trained spinal cord injury rehabilitation specialist in the state of Nevada. He has been active in research, rehabilitation engineering, human performance and biotechnologies. Dr. Wise has provided valuable input and direction for specialized interface and control devices for tele- operations and disabled persons. He has been an invited speaker in adaptive technologies, the American Disabilities Act and other rehabilitation topics.

TalkBytes Radio - Featuring Daniel Fortune and John Suart

The always crazy Daniel Fortune will host TalkBytes TalkRadio with rich content, interactivity with the listener, and playing the guitar with anyone interested in playing along!

TalkBytes Talk Radio

COMING SOON!!! A 30 Minute program providing fun, excitement and facinating guests from the changing world of Radio and Television Broadcasting. The program features Daniel Fortune as Host, John Stuart as co-host, and other luminaries in the field of broadcasting discussing technological innovations in the digital arena.

TalkBytes is a 30 minute live to tape call-in talk show to be aired weekly, and includes interviews, call-ins, net-ins (live conversation from the Internet) news, a calendar of events, reviews of hardware and software and commentary. The program features a new guest every week to explains his or her particular area of expertise in the field and how it relates to the larger picture they are a part of.

In addition, these people will be able to communicate via the Internet to people from other campuses as well as from all over the world, and the interviews will be archived and called up upon demand from a listeners Internet browser.


The Exciting new Digital Media net portal featuring News and Views from Around the World. provides the user with a unique form of interactivity with the Broadcaster or Webcaster.

As well as providing excellent content for the lay person and the tech savvy individual, we will be providing fun, entertainment and a host of other options, unique to the Internet

We are currently seeking rich media content for our site, and if you are interested in participating, please email us by clicking here

Executive Producer and Host of
TalkRadio at

Stardust TalkRadio in action at ISPCON Fall '99
(L to R): Editorial Director Scott Mace, associate producer Sherryl Alameda, executive producer & host Dan Fortune, and guest Rick Asturias

Daniel Fortune
at Penton Media's
Stardust TalkRadio

Listen to the movers and shakers in multimedia, technology, news and interviews by Daniel Fortune regularly by downloading MP3 files. is the innovator of streaming live media to technical and internet wizards alike!

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Executive Producer and Host of SoundBytes at 90.5 fm KSJS

SoundBytes in action at KSJS 90.5 fm with executive producer & host Dan Fortune

Sound Bytes @ 90.5 fm

Listen to movers, shakers, technology news and interviews by Daniel Fortune regularly on Sound Bytes from 6 to 7 pm Sunday evenings.

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Producer, Actor and Virtual Teleperformer
With George Coates Performance Works

Image from the George Coates Performance Works 'Nowhere Band'

Daniel Fortune and the George Coates Performance Works

Daniel Fortune worked with George Coates on several projects, as producer and actor.

Find out more about George Coates, and his many projects, including the Nowhere Band, read about this performance and see images of Daniel Fortune performing with the George Coates Performance Works.

To visit the George Coates Web site, Click Here

To see the Nowere Family Click Here

Executive Producer - VP of Biz Development


Daniel Fortune & the Broadcast Production Group


Find out more about the life, times and clients of Daniel Fortune at BPG Worldwide as Vice President of Biz Development and Executive Producer

To visit the BPG Web site,
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Development, Production & Executive Producer

Ruth McCartney

Daniel Fortune & Ruth McCartney


Daniel Fortune co-created, developed and was Executive Producer for Ruth McCartney (sister of Beatle Paul McCartney) for Broadcast Video and companion Web Sites.

To visit the McCartney Web site,
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Professor of MultiMedia, San Jose State University

San Jose State University
Digital Media Production and Performance

Professor Daniel Fortune and New Media at SJSU

Daniel Fortune has taught at the Theatre Arts Department at San Jose State University since completing his Masters of Art in Digital Media. He worked closely with Department Chair, Mike Adams, to develop and integrate new media into the course cirriculum. Click Here to visit the SJSU Faculty Page in Theatre Arts

The SJSU Theatre Arts 141 Internet Production and Performance Class Web site, Click Here

The SJSU Theatre Arts RTVF 150 Radio Production and Performance class, Click Here

Family Playing with Fire

To listen to my family sing "Happy Birthday" to me via my answering machine, click and listen HERE (740k). Sorry it's so big, but its cute.



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