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Sound Bytes, the Organic Virtual Televideo Radio Show (on the Internet)

Dan Fortune Rich Gingras

Daniel Fortune, Sound Bytes host interviewing Richard Gingras from the @ Home Network

Given the interest in the area of computers and technology present in the Silicon Valley, our position in this community demands that we address some of the issues that effect those living here. With the addition of Internet access with digital audio and digital video, we have had a unique opportunity to share and interact with the community. Some of the most interesting developments in technology occur on a daily basis, particularly in Silicon Valley, and a radio talk show format is well suited to the goal of providing timely technical information, as well as virtual theater & art to the community.

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Program Aim:

With new technology, we will be able to broadcast simultaneously via the air and the Internet. With the addition of Internet access to the program, we will be able to communicate to the world with digital audio and digital video. Also, with Internet access, more interesting guests from technology, arts and leadership roles are inclined to participate since we are communicating with a much wider audience. The aim of Sound Bytes is primarily to educate the audience through the knowledge of our guest for that week, but also to develop community and dialog about the issues in a world of rapid computer and technological advances.

Dan at Mike Dan at Mike
Dan at Mike Mark Bogetich
Daniel Fortune, Sound Bytes host interviewing Mark Bogetich from Assemblyman Jim Cunneen's office

Program Format:

Sound Bytes is a one hour live call-in talk show aired weekly on Sunday evenings between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Sound Bytes includes interviews, call-ins, net-ins (live conversation from the Internet) news, a calendar of events, reviews of hardware and software and commentary. The program features a new guest every week to explains his or her particular area of expertise in the field and how it relates to the larger picture they are a part of. In addition, these people will be able to communicate via the Internet to people from other campuses as well as from all over the world, and the interviews will be archived and called up upon demand from a listeners Internet browser.

[00:00]		Legal ID/Disclaimer				     
[01:00]		Introduction of Guest(s)				
[01:30]		Calendar				                
[06:30]		Interview/Talk				          
[30:00]		Legal ID/Disclaimer				     
[30:30]		Reviews				                 
[40:30]		Interview/Net-ins/Call-ins	 
[58:30]		Commentary				              
[59:30]		Outro				                   
Previous guests include: Steve Wozniak; Dan Gillmor, Computing Editor, SJ Mercury News; George Bruder, “Angels in the Outfield” animator; RIchard Gingras, Eworld at Apple Computer; Richard White, cofounder Best Internet; David Smith, International Multimedia Guru. Future Guests, John Vasconcellos, Chris Halby, President of Opcode; and the Boys Who Started Yahoo!

The producer and host of Sound Bytes is Dan Fortune: 650-494-9919.

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