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Dental Implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel and function like natural teeth. We are one of the nation's leading implant practices for implant reconstruction. Call us for a Palo Alto dental implants consultation, 650.328.6622.

(Sample Page 1) About Dental Implants

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Good afternoon Dr. Lakha

As we discussed, I put together some sample illustrations for you to look at - As you can see, I took a representative sample of your existing web site for reference, and placed sample text and illustrations. When you are in the page, choose "Click to View Sample 1, 2 or 3" to view Illustration Sample

How you want them presented (WWW, Flash, CD-ROM, Video, other)? -- I have some interesting ideas, and would like to meet with you, and get specific details regarding how you would like your project to develop.

I have illustrators to do the work, what I need is more targeted information regarding the level of complexity/detail that you want to convey to your viewers. These include:

Working together to create an exact list of Illustrations you need, with a description of what you need, ie, lower jaw, 3 teeth, cross section, ghosting, or transparency for every illustration.

Style of Illustrations that you want

You can send me an EMAIL by clicking here - - Cheerio

(Sample 1 Illustration Style) Medium High Complexity

(Sample Image & Text ) First Surgical Phase
(Implant Placement)

Under Local anesthetic the dentist places dental implants into the jaw bone with a very precise surgical procedure. The implant remains covered by gum tissue while fusing to the jaw bone.
(Sample Image & Text )
Second Surgical Phase (Implant Uncovery)
After approximately six months of healing. Under local anesthetic, the implant root is exposed and a healing post is placed over top of it so that the gum tissue heals around the post.

(Sample Image & Text ) Prosthetic Phase (Teeth)
Once the gums have healed, an implant crown is fabricated and screwed down to the implant.


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Dental Implants in Palo Alto, CA

Our Palo Alto, CA, practice has placed an important emphasis on dental implants and is today considered
one of the nation's leading implant practices for implant reconstruction and bone grafting technology.
PIADS provides advanced continuing education to partnering dentists.
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